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Isn't it funny how valuable (to us) all of our crafting and paper goodies are?? I was just refreshing my memory about the start of this post. Reading that Mary has stickers that she has not used made me laugh. I just discovered my first set of stickers. I worked at my Dad's store dusting shelves, boxing groceries, mopping the floor to earn money to buy stickers at the Hallmark store.

I just discovered my box of Raggedy Ann, Snoopy and Precious Moments stickers from the '70's. Can you believe they still stick? But they're not really usable...they look like they're saturated with oils. Too funny. I sure loved all of them...that's why I still have a box. Gosh, I don't think I convinced myself to use these, even though they look pretty cruddy. Hee hee. It sure made me smile remembering the thrill of collecting.
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