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One form of distressing tips

Hi an attempt to encourage a few other's a couple fun things that MaryJo McGraw taught me when she designed these stamps. They're called Esponge Noir which means black sponge and the images look like granite or stone carvings. When stamped in different colors of ink and wet with water, the ink smears and blends to create a "distressed" watercolored effect. You'll see how she tore the paper and yes...metallic markers and inks are always a terrific addition to bling the torn edges. The best part is this is "sloppy" stamping and we can all do this!!
  1. Stamp image with orange ink. Wet with water. Let dry.
  2. Repeat by stamping image with magenta ink and try to overlap as close to original stamped image as possible. It still looks ok if offset as much as 1/8 inch.
  3. Continue with 3rd color and best if a dark color. I used Dark Brown here. I added a little blue by tipping the wet paint brush onto a light blue ink pad.
  4. Finally stamp frame design and cut out frame. Layer the frame over face image. Stamp other images onto frame using like colors. Sometimes a chalky ink or pigment ink works great to add depth.
  5. This is the actual card that MaryJo stamped. She's really an expert at coloring.
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