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Ooooooo....thank you Birthday Mom Nedra!! I was feeling a little ba-humbug this morning when I first got up. My DH jumped out of bed and disappeared into the kitchen. I thought I was going to get something like "breakfast in bed" (acutally that's overrated!) and was a bit disappointed when Rob said " how many of the Scarecrow stamps do we need to make for..." Geee, i thought for sure with Rob's "fifth appendage" (you know, his iPhone with Reminders, Alarms, Calendars and all) he would remember what day it was, but alas he forgot. So I sulked for a few minutes as I was getting ready to come into work (BTW, we drive in together). After a little bit, he said "OHHHH. I almost forgot, it's a VERY SPECIAL DAY today!" Hee hee...that's all it took. I was much happier. I jokingly told him, I'll dole out my list over the next month—he winced!

Later in the friend stopped by with a fabulous variation of birthday cake...i should've taken a picture but we gobbled it up before I thought of it! They were little chocolate cake layers with a creamy center covered with chocolate sauce or something and cherries. Brenda said you bake a cake in a baking sheet (the ones that are about an inch deep? What are those called?). Cut out discs with a biscuit cutter. Layer with the white butter creamy-kinda frosting and add another chocolate cake disc. She said the chocolate "frosting" was ganache (sp?). WOW was that yummy.

So finally after lunch I was able to get to my desk. It was piled with a bunch of cards. Seems like Blossom, Cardmaker, Wendy and Gingerbaby's cards all arrived around the same time. THAT was fun opening all those cards!! So thank you Birthday Club. I just love seeing all the different variations. They're all happily sitting around my desk now. It's been a super day! THANK YOU!!!
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