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I read that article too, and it was interesting how you can cope with the various problems with the ink and how it varies from printer to printer. I know when I add color to anything I print out, it has a tendency to smear the black ink from the printer. It is not a permanent thing with my printer so I would have to figure out how to make it permanent. So that would be a drawback for me, as when doing hand stamping I can use the type of ink I want from my stash of stamp pads. I do use the computer to computer generate phrases or my own poetry and verses. It is a means for my that I implement because my hand writing is awful, even when I try my very best, you can see it looks more like a first grader (actually they probably can do better than me). Perhaps like you said, one day if I can't do the actual stamping I might try it, but for now I have the investment in all of my stamps and want to keep with them as long as I can. Hugs, Verna
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